Factors for the Best Dedicated Server

Supported operating system – Open sources operating systems like Linux or UNIX is generally common for any hosting service. But, you should look for one that provides other open-source programs such as CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu, etc.

There must be an option to update the core system so that the latest patches or security fixes can be accommodated.

Thus, it will free you from the stress of server management and make your server safe and secure simultaneously. You can find the best ‘VPS server'(which is also known as ‘VPS サーバー’ in the Japanese language) from various online sources.

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Connectivity and Bandwidth – The amount of data transferred from one point to another in a unit of time is known as bandwidth. The units are bits per second. The more bandwidth that is provided by a particular company, the better it is.

Uptime is also a problem that is closely related to connectivity. Choose a company that provides something between 99% – 100%. Remember, high-quality providers must be multi-homed spread across several quality uplink providers.

Additional IP – Check the number of additional IPs that are provided free with the server, the more numbers, the better for you. In general, you should be satisfied with 2-3 free IPs per dedicated server.

These are just the three most important factors when choosing a specific hosting. However, your budget also plays a role.

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