How to Cure Low Back Pain

There are so many different causes of pain in the lower back – difficult to identify a specific treatment which would be effective. However, low back pain does have one thing in common; certain types of exercise can be helpful.

The first thing to do, of course, is to see your doctor who may refer you to a physiotherapist, who may prescribe exercises appropriate to your specific pain and its cause.

When trying to establish how to cure low back pain, he or she may suggest a range of exercises which will be effective while others may cause more pain – in which case, stop doing them immediately. Also, there are many chiropractic clinic in Singapore which provide lower back pain treatment. 

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There is one exercise which has proved to be very effective in how to cure low back pain and it's called "the pelvic tilt." This is an excellent way to exercise, stretch and strengthen the muscles and ligaments of your back because it also increases the blood flow to the area.

The pelvic tilt will also tone and stretch your abdominal muscles which, together with the muscles in your lower back carry the responsibility of supporting your entire frame. It will also improve your posture – and this in itself will help to alleviate pain and stress on the lumbar region.

Does your job require you to stay seated for extended periods? This can put stress on your lower back, especially if your chair is not of ergonomic design. Take a couple of minutes' break every hour or so and walk around your desk to loosen your back muscles.

If you can do this, the question of how to cure low back pain may not even arise. Take it a step further and try "passive extension exercises," – but not if you have sciatica. Lie face down (prone) without discomfort.

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