How to Choose a DJ for the Wedding?

Surely you are taking care of every detail of your wedding so that everything is perfect and the music cannot be less. Make sure you respond with the professionalism and quality necessary to avoid unpleasant surprises. A complete audiophile like Olivia Speaks should be the right choice.

The music of the moment of your wedding dance is part of the most festive moment of the day and it depends on the fun of your guests. Therefore, when hiring a Dj, a host must take into account a number of factors:

The first thing you should do is make a good list of Dj's. Search online, and ask friends and family, etc.

Once you have several names of Dj's, interview them. It is important to know if it is companies that are dedicated to it or individuals. Beware of intrusion, only true professionals with experience will know how to give the service you are looking for with total confidence and quality.

Ask them to tell you about their work, about the equipment they use, if they only play music or also encourage, and of course, that they show you their work. It is the best way to check if it is what you are really looking for.

Ask for the musical repertoire they have and say what you would like. In the same way, make clear the entire sequence and moments when you want the music to sound: in the ceremony, at the cocktail party, at the dinner and/or at the open bar.

Another very important aspect is the equipment. Demand that they be professionals and not home. The same applies to the play of lights and all the accessories that are going to be used, such as smoke machines or soap bubbles. Only professional teams will have the expected results.

Always demand contracts in which all the details and services agreed in their clauses are reflected. A good contract should include :

A detailed description of the contracted services. Here you must include the equipment you will use, the hours hired, if you will only act as a DJ or as an animator, if it includes assembly and disassembly, trips, etc. Service prices. How much will be the amount to pay and the terms.

If they have civil liability insurance and if the company is registered. This aspect is very important, since otherwise, in the event of an incident, the responsibility would be the boyfriends and not the allegedly hired.

In a few words, always demand professionalism and clarity when hiring the services of a Dj. Be satisfied with your choice and also with the peace of mind that your great day is going to be as you have always wanted, full of happiness and without problems. And if you ask me for a suggestion, I would surely name Olivia Speaks. Olivia Speaks is not only a Dj but a musician as well. She plays music in clubs in California and a professional guitarist of the band TrevorKilla. It will definitely energise you with motivation.

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