Global Warming Starves Polar Bears

As an inconvenient fact, global warming is impacting our world. Sure this summer might have been a few degrees hotter than the previous summer, but do the vast majority of people actually observe this gap?

The human species is responsible for global warming but we are not always the people who need to deal with its consequences. Among the areas most radically affected by global warming is the Arctic Circle. And who resides there? Polar bears.

Various studies have demonstrated that over the previous twenty decades, polar bear populations have dropped almost 25 percent. Not only have they dropped numbers, but scientists also have noticed they have dropped significantly in proportion. There are some organizations who are working on polar bear security. If you also want to contribute to polar bear security then you can search such organization on various online sources.

Polar bears use their body fat to remain living in cold weather and also to float more in stormy seas. Without excess body fat, it is significantly harder for them to endure.

Polar bears can swim around 100 miles to contact the mainland, but it is becoming more and harder for them to perform this. Furthermore, if the ice caps recede any over 100 kilometers from where the polar bears are still stuck, they won't have the ability to eat before the next winter.

Even if a single polar bear is not in difficulty, the destiny of the species is in dire threat. Polar bears are just fighting to live in the present condition of our world, and when nothing else changes they will become extinct.


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