What is Centrifugal Pump?

Since the days, the man was trying to get some convenient methods for raising water to higher degrees of water supply or irrigation goals. It’s thought that the thought of raising water, by centrifugal force, was first given by L.D Vinci (A German scientist and engineer) at the end of 16th century.

Types of Pumps

Though There Are Lots of Kinds of pumps these days, however, the following two really is important the subject point of view:

  1. Centrifugal pump
  2. Reciprocating pump.


A pump, in general, may be thought as a machine, when driven from an outside resource, lifts water another liquid by the lower level into a higher level. Or in other words, a pump might also be understood to be a system, which transforms mechanical energy into pressure energy. The pump that increases a liquid out of the lower level to a high level by the action of centrifugal force is known as a centrifugal pump. There are many online sources available; one of the references is pump systems flux and speck Co., Ltd.

It’ll be interesting to know that the activity of a jet pump will be that of a reserved reaction turbine. At a reaction jet, the water in elevated pressure is allowed to join the casing which provides mechanical energy to its shaft; whereas in a pump, the mechanical energy is fed directly into the rotating shaft and water passes the impeller (attached to the rotating shaft) which advances the pressure energy of the incoming fluid.

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