Bull Put Spread Simplified

A Bull Put Spread is an options strategy used by an options trader when the trader is bullish on the underlying asset. The trader believes the asset will appreciate in value. The strategy consists of selling (or writing) an ITM (in the money) put option and buying an OTM (out of the money) put option with the same expiration date.  Similar to the Bull Call Spread, the Bull Put Spread is a two leg option strategy invoked when the view on the market is ‘moderately bullish’.

OTM places are hit prices less than the current spot price of their advantage.  The possibility being sold includes a greater premium compared to alternative being bought leading in a charge disperse.  The dealer receives an internet charge for opening the standing, the charge function as gap in premiums of their attack prices selected.   Implied volatility can be a quality component in pricing.

The reward of this commerce is in limiting the optimum reduction, and that’s the gap in the attack prices selected less the premium received.  The most advantage can be confined by the charge received.  This transaction will get profitable in the event the purchase price of the underlying advantage stays over the current spot price prior to expiry.   This posture can be shut out before expiry leading to an inferior loss or smaller profit than when left to perish.


The dealer may also close 1 leg in the position at any given time before expiry that could bring about a infinite profit potential. The most important advantage in attempting to sell (or writing ) options could be that the ability to catch benefit produced from the rust punctually value of this alternative.  That is called a portion of extrinsic price and is still just another prime component in option prices.

Volatility, time remaining prior to expiration, and also to a smaller level, interest rates are typical considerations in the resale worth of an alternative.  The inherent value of a choice is only the at the currency part of the options value.  Option traders pay special awareness of suggested volatility and period before expiration.

So Bull Put Spread came in to play as it adds the second, long leg one or a few strikes below the sold put options. The closer the strikes, the smaller amount of margin you will have to put up with your broker.

When you sell this spread, credit will come in your account but the risk of losing is still on the table as the market could go down. That’s why you will be margined some money equivalent to the max risk.

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