Black And White Damask Table Covers

If you are looking for the best table cover for your wedding, then you should consider damask table covers. There are two main patterns of damask table covers — dual-colour, like black and white, and same-colour. Black and white pattern has the most appealing look and creates a spectacular visual effect. For this reason black and white damask table cover remains the most popular option for a classic wedding for centuries.

The name of the fabric “damask” comes from Damascus, a capital of Syria. This city was famous in the XII century for its beautiful ornamental fabrics, designed with the help of ancient Chinese weaving techniques. Damask is a luxurious and modern fabric featuring a timeless design. It is known to be used for centuries, but it still retains its beauty and elegance. This masterpiece of weaver’s art can help to create a stunning dining experience. Black and white damask table covers can transform an interior from ordinary to gorgeous and elegant.    

Damask table covers are easy to choose. When buying one, you should only consider its fabric (once you have chosen its colour). The best option is a combination of cotton and polyester, which gives the durability of polyester and softness and natural feel of cotton. These table covers are machine-washable and are perfect for repeated usage, as they retain excellent colour even after repeated laundering. For this reason damask table covers are widely used in top restaurants, hotels and households.

The finest damask fabric is made from the double damask weaves. Single damask covers have a thread count of 162 threads per square inch, while double damask has 200 threads per square inch. The obvious advantage of double damask is its density and heaviness, which makes it look richer and fall more dramatically. These features are perfect for a classic occasion. Keep in mind this detail when looking for a damask table cover.

Black and white damask table cover is a perfect decoration for your wedding. It is lovely to look at and pleasant to touch. Be sure that this element will help you create the perfect look on your table. Damask table cover is a perfect choice for a magnificent and graceful wedding.

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